Urban and Regional Planning

Urban planning is a technical and political process concerned with the development and use of land, planning permission, protection and use of the environment, public welfare, and the design of the urban environment. Regional planning deals with the efficient placement of land-use activities, infrastructure, and settlement growth.

Our experienced consultants deliver technical and statutory planning services, environmental assessments, planning scheme amendments including rezoning, planning permit applications for subdivisions and built form, design guidelines and due diligence reports.

Our emphasis is on community development, economic development and revitalization/redevelopment strategies. Whether it’s the urban, suburban or regional perspective you desire, we can provide a vision or simply enhance an already existing one.

Our planning services include:

Program/Project Management

Any construction, transportation, or facility management project will require engineering expertise to assist in developing project scope and operational criteria, value engineering, life cycle cost evaluations, and identifying outside factors and influences, as well as managing and directing the architectural, engineering, or construction staff. We provide resources with extensive background and knowledge of the workings and protocols of major agencies, regulatory bodies, corporations & allied industries to provide the following PM services.

Integrated Facilities Management

Every day facility managers are faced with having to provide quick answers to complex building problems. In most cases decisions must be made quickly and accurately and devoid of any systematic application or approach. In short many operations require managers to be flexible and able to operate by the seat of their pants. Unfortunately, managers operating in environments where “fighting fires” is the normal course of business always find maintenance and overall building operations cost to be high and an unwanted drain on operating budgets. Our philosophy is that everything that can be planned should be planned thereby reducing annual expenses and freeing up valuable resources to be utilized in more productive pursuits. We will assist our clients in implementing solutions to common problems ranging from reducing yearly maintenance cost to performing life cycle cost analysis of a new piece of equipment.

Real Estate Service

Strategic Real Estate planning is the art of devising or employing careful, well thought out plans or methods that are of great importance within an integrated whole or planned effect. We help management professionals with visions or projects requiring special expertise or additional resources, chart out the direction the vision should take to bring it to fulfillment. We offer a number of strategic planning services to assist in the development or qualification of an idea.

Standards Development

The use of standards is a sure approach to reducing construction, maintenance, or building operational budgets. It also gives owners, managers, and design professionals consistent reference points when establishing the goals and objectives of a project. Managers juggling costs verses opinions of workers as varying as each individual themselves, find that a well thought out, well communicated standards program applied in any area where the need is appropriate can eliminate difficult or uncomfortable confrontations. While standards are necessary if cost reductions are the objective, they must be dynamic allowing owners and managers to take advantage of superior technology, increased efficiency, and greater savings. We offer Standards Development in the following areas: